"Gotta say, that was the highlight of my summer. When I close my eyes and imagine back I see your shining faces smiling and your bodies moving in newly expressed ways. What a magical time."

"Can’t say enough great things about this weekend! Thank you to everyone for your offerings, love, support and gratitude! A feel good weekend, connecting with so many of you beautiful ladies was well worth the bruises from the high ropes!"

"Hello my lovely and powerful ladies! I just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU... to each and every one of you that SHOWED UP. That showed up to this weekend, that showed up to my meditation and self empowerment workshop and who showed up ... FOR YOURSELF! I am so proud of you, I see you, I honour you, I acknowledge you and I am rooting for you."

"Thank you Rachel Ward and company for such an amazing opportunity to be a part of something so special.

I have never ridden a horse...but I did at R.A.W. I have never been on a paddle-board...but I did at R.A.W

I have never made thunder by hand...but I did at R.A.W

I have never felt so enchanted at a goddess party...but I did at R.A.W.

I have NEVER been on a tightrope thingy (whatever it's called lol!)....but I did at R.A.W

Thank you for the opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone, unplug, get clear, connect with old and new friends, try new things, and feel EMPOWERED!!!!! It was a privilege to feel the energy of each and every dynamic woman who attended the retreat and, of course, MOTHER NATURE herself. I am encouraged to continue evolving out loud."

"It's hard to have the right words to describe what it feels like to stand in front of a fire with the sun setting behind you, flower crown in place, adorned in jewels, alongside 100 powerful women opening like sweet cherry blossoms to their depth, magic and wildness. I consider it an incredible gift to be welcomed to create and hold a space for women to feel free to let go of all the things they had been holding onto so tightly and to explore their own unique expression and energy. There is so much power when we as women gather together and celebrate each others brilliance. Especially with dancing and singing!

Your sexiness was felt. 
Your magnetism was felt. 
Your tender sweet hearts were felt. 
Your ROARS were felt.
I feel you still.

Thank you for opening with us.

Thank you for trusting us.

Thank you for giving yourself the gift of blossoming.

Seeing you shine brought me to tears.

My heart will be forever touched by each of you." 


“Hello loves! Such an amazing weekend!! I am still tingling with happiness and not wanting to go back to the real world yet. :D

THANK YOU Rachel and everyone else who came and participated in the magic!

“What an incredible weekend. I am so inspired by the positive energy and good vibes that made this retreat such a wonderful experience and am so grateful to have met so many open, brave, fun, friendly and supportive women! Thank you RAW for holding this amazing space for us all to connect with nature, connect with each other and connect with ourselves.”

“A massive THANK YOU, for giving this girl who arrived at camp solo the feeling of leaving having gained so many beautiful and courageous soul sisters. Everything about this weekend was magical and I had no idea how much I could be transformed by the meditation sessions, workshops, activities, massages, dance parties, and the simple moments of pure connection with everyone I came in contact with. So much gratitude for all of you.” 

“Did that really happen? Was it all a dream? I am back to reality with new intention for my life. I believe that in life everything happens for a reason. It wasn't a coincidence that I worked with Rachel years ago because I wouldn't have heard of this fabulous and inspirational weekend with real life goddesses otherwise! So I want to say cheers to RAW and all of the facilitators for putting the first (and hopefully annual) Raw Retreat together!!!”

“Everything about the weekend was a happy experience for me! From driving from London and arriving in the completely wrong town that was 1.5 hours away from camp but having a great rental car, a good playlist and my best friend for laughs and awesome conversation. To finally arriving at camp and seeing all the women who were like-minded and open for anything! It was amazing!”

“Hello all you goddesses. Your brilliance, acceptance, and energy has absolutely rejuvenated me. I cannot thank each and every one of you enough for what you have shared with me this weekend. The entire retreat was bliss. I cannot wait to see where each of your journeys bring you and hope that our paths cross soon. I wish you all heart, warmth, and joy. Much love to all.”

”Thank you all so SO much for a truly unforgettable weekend. I am convinced the best cure for anything is the great outdoors - feeling refreshed and full of life!”

“It was an absolute pleasure to teach HIIT (even in the rain) and I'm so proud of everyone who came out and hustled their butts 🍑off!”

“I have been trying to write a little thank you post for the last 3 hours and nothing I seem to write puts into words the energy , gratitude and magic that I feel surging through my body from this weekend. You are all magical women and I am so thankful to have shared space with you this weekend <3 Thank you for all creating a safe space at camp for every women to open up and be vulnerable, to try new things, to dance like no one is watching, to meet new people and share intimate stories, and to let our inner wild women run free. I practice reiki and my body is very sensitive to energy and I have never felt my energy vibrating at such a high frequency as I did this weekend..... <3 Thank you thank you thank you I love you all.”

“Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU ALL! This was a magical weekend. I have never seen so many beautiful, strong, and genuine generous women in a single place. Thank you Rachel for being the mind behind this amazing event, thank you Cait for MC'ing throughout the weekend with such grace, and to all the facilitators for sharing their talent with us in so many fun activities. I feel grateful, inspired, empowered and totally refreshed from this experience. What a blast! Sending love to all of you beautiful souls!!”

“This weekend was pure magic. Rachel is a goddess who obviously has a magic super power of creating community and attracting powerful, fierce, loving, healing, playful, kind, extraordinary humans to her. That is a rare thing in this world and I am so thankful to her for pulling all of this together. More than my undying gratitude for Rachel though, is my gratitude to each and every one of you. There was connection, genuine connection, between so many of us. That is a rare thing. It is a powerful thing. The vulnerability and openness you all offered was life changing in so many different ways. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for reminding me that "good enough" doesn't need to be a perfectionist giving up, but instead a mantra for life. For teaching me to take it slow, and flow. For the yoga and the skinny dipping and the acro and the pepperless meals (It was me, okay? I'm the weirdo allergic to peppers.) for the midnight howling on the dock and the campfire sing alongs. For every hug. For every dance partner. For the stolen paddle boards and the high top tree climbing. For life lessons and the countless people who told me "you're just a baby, kid. Just wait." For reminding me what it is to live outside of survival mode - thank you.”

“All my love and light to all of you beautiful souls. May we meet again, and may your journey be full of power and fierceness.”